Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fork in the Road

 Its my birthday week, and it is full of deadlines, commitments and choices.  I am feeling some big decisions coming on. Funny how everything can seem uncomfortable and you try so hard to find a way out, but then a door opens....and fear of the unknown sets in.  Stress is at times comforting, when you know how and when to expect it.  What if what is beyond the door is worse?! 

So how am I handling this you ask....why I'm hibernating of course!  Its 70 degrees in Chicago and I am hibernating.  Perfect really when you think about our lack of winter and all.  I guess a better description would be to say I'm being introspective and reflective.  Also trying to play out every possible scenario in my head before it happens to come up with game plans.

Stay tuned, for and update on which road I take.

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